Pinterest GraphicThis is my favorite jewelry making kit so far.

I’ve created several kits for coiling wire and creating wire craft jewelry, but stamping is by far my favorite technique.

Something about hammers and pounding stuff is very therapeutic and it’s so easy to create simple jewelry (and it’s fast) for gifts and even to sell.

Of course… much like riding a bike or learning to swim, stamping on jewelry has it’s learning curve. Once you master it, you will never forget.

A really cool thing to make with this kit (that will get you started fast!) is to create dome shapes out of copper pennies. Use the hole punch to place a hole in each one.  Then it’s a matter of using the copper jump rings to attach to a chain charm bracelet.

You can polish a few of the pennies and leave the rest “tarnished”.  Trust me – the bracelet is cute and makes lot’s of tinkling noise.

I love 6mm size stamps for metal crafts (it’s about 1/4″) because they create easy to read words.

6mm metal stamp set

I’ve included round copper blanks and an entire sheet of copper to play with.

Jewelry Supplies

You have all the hammers you could ever need plus a dapping block to easily create domed charms with the copper blanks. Plus this heavy steal block is huge and has it’s own rubber base.

Jewelry Making Kit

Plus.. a full set of pliers and metal cutters – these are enough for most jewelry projects:

Jewelry Making Pliers

The only thing that you will want to have on hand is a black felt tip marking pen.  Use it to color in the stamped words and then wipe off the excess. This really makes the letters pop!

What I love about my kits is that you get everything in a box – ready to go! It’s a bit like opening up a great Christmas gift and being able to dig in and play with all your new tools.  I’ve included all the little extras you might need as well… like a polishing cloth and “sticky” measuring tape (which helps to center your lettering).

Metal Stamping Kit Includes – All the essential tools to get started making your own stamped metal jewelry:

  • 6 mm (1/4 inch) Alphabet and Number Stamp Set with Wood Storage Box
  • Ball Pein Hammer (Stubby 8 oz), Rubber and PVC Mallet 10 ” and Chasing Hammer
  • Hammer – 10 1/2″ – Jewelers Double Hole Punch, 1.8 and 2.4mm
  • Wood Dapping Block 3 piece set and 3 3/4 ” Steel Jewelers Bench With 4″ Rubber Base
  • Sheet Copper 6×6 square , copper colored jump rings, stamping blanks and jewelry polishing cloth

* 6 piece precision pliers set including: 5 3/4 inch Needle Nose, 4 3/4 inch Long Nose, 4/ 3/4 inch Bent Nose, 4 3/4 inch Flat Nose, 4 1/4 inch Diagonal Cutter, 4 inch End Nipper. These pliers and cutters have vinyl grips, box joint construction, return spring.

Check out this great kit here: Metal Stamping Deluxe 6mm Kit


The Laizee Daizee Tool is like magic… really!

I know that Viking Knit has been around for ages… since the Viking ages… and tools to create projects have been home-made.

I’m just to darn lazy to make a tool – now I have no excuses.

Watch this short video from the inventor to see how simple she makes the “wire knitting” look:

Did you see all the jewelry she created that included the viking knit AND wire coils? These two wire jewelry techniques go together like peanut butter & jam.

To make this unique jewelry you will need tools!  I love tools. 😉

Coiling Gizmo and the Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool (and of course you will need wire).

It’s going to take a bit of practice to create the perfect coils and viking knit, but it doesn’t look overwhelming.

Learning this ancient weaving technique is easy with the 1/4″ diameter Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool. Coiling Gizmo is the fastest way to make coils for adding unique texture and beads to all your Viking Knit creations.

This kit is perfect to get started:


Lazee daizee 6-loop 1/4″ diameter tool:

* draw plate,

* draw chart,

* conditioning fabric,

*  travel pouch,

* end cap shaper,

* pin tool,

* full color instructions,

* wire cutter

Coiling Gizmo wire winder with practice wire selection: 

*bright copper, dead-soft, round, 28 gauge 20 ft

*bright copper, 26 gauge 25 ft

*bright copper, dead-soft, round, 22 gauge 20 ft

* bright copper, dead-soft, round, 20 gauge 13 ft

*nickel silver, dead-soft, round, 28 gauge 20 ft.

*How Jewelry Was Made in 1916 booklet 15 pages.

Available on Click Here>>> Viking Knit Tool Kit <<<


How to make scrabble tile pendants kit I love kit projects for girls night. It makes it so easy to have all the supplies on hand and just have fun!

My mom taught me to plan parties without a lot of fuss and aggravation.  If “silly girl time” is what you are after – then plan for fun, not work.  Plus – we all come away with these really cute Scrabble Tile Pendants.

I found lot’s of free ‘how-to” stuff online for making these Scrabble Tile Necklaces – and not one of them had all the instructions for the way I knew I wanted to create mine.

I wanted cute – fast – and no messy cleanup.

What did I do? I made a batch myself and documented the entire process.

I used supplies that “I” liked and made necklaces that any age would wear.  The necklaces came out perfect the first time I made them… yippee – No Learning Curve!

You can order this kit on – which means you will have the kit on your doorstep in a few days or less. 😉

>>>Scrabble Tile Pendant Kit On Amazon <<<<


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