What Can You Do With All Those Creative Ideas?

Having a ton of creative ideas can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Do you have a notebook filled with ideas?

Do you have an extra room in your home filled with unfinished projects and supplies just waiting for you to finish?

Is your poor overworked brain filled with “I want to do that” and “I can’t find the time (or money) to do this?


Yep – Me Too!

Many of us creative types spend our lives “playing” with our tools and supplies – when we have time, which seems to be NEVER.  And yet… we know that creating “anything” feeds our soul.

Any day you can just pick up a paint brush, a tool or a bowl – seems to be the start of a great day.  At the end of the day… you might say “Why don’t I do this more often”?

It may be because you don’t have the right ingredients, the right supplies or the right… stuff.  (Stuff is such a universal word – don’t you agree?)

So… how do you find the time – the desire – the supplies – the ideas – the money?  I’ll break it down for you with simple ideas and tips… one idea at a time.


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What Other People Say About Debra Conrad

You have a knack for putting things into perspective using plain English as well as giving great information (and much of it for free)” –  Dave Robus

You are here to share and to help and that is what makes your product and you trustworthy. Thanks, Billie”

Thanks, Debra. You are so nice and generous. Please give me some smarts and a lot more time to learn and use this stuff.” – bet

Debra, Let me make an analogy here. Information is expensive. There is the cost of the education to gain it, the cost of the materials to store it, and the cost of the time to locate it and absorb it. You are like a great public library on steriods. You slash many of the costs for us and go one better than the library: you hand over the exact books we need for the next step of the journey. Talk about over-delivery of services :) You are the best.” – Raspy

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About Debra Conrad and Who Is Bertie?

Digging deep into the recesses of my brain… some of the most powerful “creative” memories came from my two great aunts.

Where do they come in?

Well – I’m going to tell about my creative adventures with my two great aunt’s – both named Henrietta.

… and interweave stories of my past… and also share my “new” up to date twists on a variety of creative topics.

It all comes back in some way to the two “Henrietta’s”. (And my Dad and my grandmothers and… and… and… I come from a very creative and DIY family)

Their nickname (both of ’em – it was confusing) was “Bertie”.

The matriarch of the family was my dad’s Grandmother Henrietta:

And the two Bertie’s:

BertieToldMe.com is Born


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