How To Use Crimp Beads and Crimp Forming Pliers

by Debra on April 16, 2012

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One of my first attempts at getting back into making jewelry will be a bead bracelet. I shared the idea I have for my first attempt at bracelet making the other day and I realize that this project is probably not the easiest to start with… but I’m going to “go for it”.

My very best friend was wearing a bracelet  that I picked apart (visually, I didn’t tear it apart *giggle*).  It’s sort of a treasure style bracelet with a button closure (instead of a metal clasp)and it’s a two strand bracelet.

Of course… I don’t have ALL the supplies I need yet (grrrr).  I don’t have the button for the closure nor do I have the correct beading wire.

I ordered 49 strand wire… which seems to be preferred for it’s flexibility and strength for bracelets. I also found some very cool Indian and Buffalo Head Nickle Buttons for the bracelet closures I want on my bracelets.

And… yet more crimping beads, this time I ordered tube style instead of the round bead style. Now I will have both and can get a feel for which style I like to use.

What I do have is the round crimping beads and crimp forming pliers. This video shows perfectly how to use the crimping pliers to crimp the crimping bead… (I’m going to be dreaming of crimping if I keep typing the word crimp).

In this video they show us exactly how to use the two step process of bead crimping:

This next video shows just about the same crimping process, but she shows how to hold the two wires apart to keep them separated when your apply pressure to the crimp bead. I like the look of a crimping bead cover vs. just covering the crimp with a bead. I purchased some crimp covers – and now I need to know how to use them:

And here is another video showing exactly how to position and close the crimp covers. I love that these video’s get so close to the work so we can really see exactly what we need to be doing and how to hold our hands/tools:

Have you used crimping beads in your jewelry creations yet?  Why not leave me a comment below and let me know about your experience.

p.s. I’ll be sure to take pictures of my finished projects – even the ones that turn out so-so and post them here on BTM.

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