How To Use The Coiling Gizmo To Make Coil Beads

by Debra on May 22, 2012

The Coiling Gizmo is a pretty nifty tool that is so simple and easy to use – yet… I can make so many unique beads Fast!

Wire is available in a huge variety of designer colors – and creating chunky beads with unique color combinations is simple with the right tools… even I can do it. (I am not a jewelry designer nor do I play one on T.V.)

My “Bertie” (the one that dressed up in stockings and heels every day) would have loved the simple sterling silver style coiled beads in a necklace. I – on the other hand – want copper everything!¬† Mix the copper wire with a bit of silver and turquoise – and I’m a happy girl.

How To Video – Coiling Gizmo

These two YouTube videos show just how simple this little tool is to use:

This video is a nice tutorial for an easy coil bead:

This link goes to an article (with lots of pictures) showing a length of coil and another length of viking knit combined into a stunning bracelet: Viking Knit Copper Bracelet

To make it easy for you to get started with the Coiling Gizmo AND the Viking knit tool (which I think are perfect for creating really unique jewelry) I created this kit (A ton of practice wire is included):


Click Here>>>> Coiling Gizmo and Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool Kit <<<

The Interweave Store has a great tutorial for creating these “ancient” looking coin earrings… I love ’em. And guess what? You need the Coiling Gizmo!

Click Here To Get To The Interweave Store 

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