Metal Stamping Kits From Bertie Told Me

by Debra on April 3, 2012

I’m a nut about simplicity… and these new metal stamping kits are simply divine (I’m partial but that’s to be expected).

I’ve been on Pinterest for a while and metal stamping “pins” are all over Pinterest. I was excited to see if I could learn to actually make some of the cute jewelry embellishments I saw others had created (some even had step-by-step tutorials).

I didn’t have one thing in my huge craft room to even begin one tiny stamped metal charm. It was discouraging. (Can you see me pulling my hair out?)

I searched all over the internet – several hours were sucked up – until I figured out the “bare minimum” tools and supplies I would need to get started.

You see – I just love to start “new projects” – but I’m often enticed to buy unnecessary tools and supplies. I don’t mind adding to my stash if I find out that I’m going to love a new creative outlet… but I don’t want to spend the farm just to get started.

I took that list and headed off to Michaels. You just know they have a huge jewelry making section – and yet they didn’t have (or were out of stock) some of (what I think are) the necessary tools and supplies.

Now – I’m just about bald pulling my hair out.

I’m a pretty darn good internet shopper… and I did find all the supplies and tools I wanted ONline. Yet… (oh my goodness, more hair pulling and now teeth gnashing has been added to the mix) – Not One Site Had Everything.


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