Viking Wire Weaving With The Laizee Daizee Tool

by Debra on August 9, 2012

The Laizee Daizee Tool is like magic… really!

I know that Viking Knit has been around for ages… since the Viking ages… and tools to create projects have been home-made.

I’m just to darn lazy to make a tool – now I have no excuses.

Watch this short video from the inventor to see how simple she makes the “wire knitting” look:

Did you see all the jewelry she created that included the viking knit AND wire coils? These two wire jewelry techniques go together like peanut butter & jam.

To make this unique jewelry you will need tools!  I love tools. 😉

Coiling Gizmo and the Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool (and of course you will need wire).

It’s going to take a bit of practice to create the perfect coils and viking knit, but it doesn’t look overwhelming.

Learning this ancient weaving technique is easy with the 1/4″ diameter Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool. Coiling Gizmo is the fastest way to make coils for adding unique texture and beads to all your Viking Knit creations.

This kit is perfect to get started:


Lazee daizee 6-loop 1/4″ diameter tool:

* draw plate,

* draw chart,

* conditioning fabric,

*  travel pouch,

* end cap shaper,

* pin tool,

* full color instructions,

* wire cutter

Coiling Gizmo wire winder with practice wire selection: 

*bright copper, dead-soft, round, 28 gauge 20 ft

*bright copper, 26 gauge 25 ft

*bright copper, dead-soft, round, 22 gauge 20 ft

* bright copper, dead-soft, round, 20 gauge 13 ft

*nickel silver, dead-soft, round, 28 gauge 20 ft.

*How Jewelry Was Made in 1916 booklet 15 pages.

Available on Click Here>>> Viking Knit Tool Kit <<<

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