Wire Jewelry Jig Review and How To Choose The Right One

by Debra on April 5, 2012

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I found an old article about how to make a wire jewelry jig… and my first thought was “cool – I don’t have to buy one.  I’m rethinking that thought.

“Wire may form the foundation of a piece of jewelry, or it may be applied as a decoration. It is often twisted to add lightness to a design, and can easily be formed into coils or line units of decoration for flat or curved surfaces.

Twists and coils of wire can be made of round, half round, or square wire. Keep the 14 gauge or heavier wire in coils. Wire of a lighter gauge may be wound on spools.

If kinks occur in the lighter gauge wire they can be removed by holding the wire ends firmly and the length taut while drawing it over the edge of a wooden bench, or block of wood.

Wire Jewelry Jig

Many of the wire units, coils, and twists are made on jigs. The word “jig” is a mechanics’ term given to a device which is used to guide a tool or a material.

A jig makes the forming of an article easier during construction and makes the finished pieces mechanically more perfect.

When a design requires duplication of parts, a jig is often used.

The one shown here was made on a block of wood with nails spaced and hammered into the wood, the nail heads sawed off, and the ends made smooth so the wire units may be formed and removed easily.

Written in 1957 United States

The pendant at the bottom-right corner is the first embellishment I want to try. I will learn to use the jig and also how to make a flat spiral coil.  I can also use this same wire embellishment to add a “stamped metal charm” and a hammered / domed metal charm.

These instructions are great if you are only going to need one or two jig’s – ever. I would make my own jigs for ear-wires that could be used over and over again.

Of course – I’d like to tell you that I’m so “cheap” that I’d never buy something I could make myself.  The real story is that I will buy a good quality product Once… if I can use it for hundreds of different applications.

The Hunt Was On...  Find a wire jewelry jig that is made of quality materials and will be useful for a very long time.

I found several wire jigs on the market… and was tempted to purchase the “cheapest” version (because I’m a cheap date kind-a-gal).

Beadalon Thing-a-ma-Jig, Beginner – The cheap date version of a jewelry wire jig tool.  It looked “okay” in the picture and in this video… but I read the reviews of this product, and it seems like a “ya get what you paid for it” type of product.  ($7 at the time I’m writing this).

Beadalon Thing-a-ma-Jig, Deluxe –  This is the next step up in “jigs”. It’s made of metal instead of plastic and much larger in size. And yet.. the reviews are pretty sad. ;(

This video is pretty hard to hear and the guy talking is soooo slow. I got about 2 1/2 minutes into the video and could see that you had to use little rubber “o” rings to hold the pegs in place. Pain in the neck (or other parts of the anatomy) if you ask me.  Even if it’s only about $17 – I think it would end up thrown through my craft room window in short order.

While reading the reviews of these two previous jigs… I kept seeing the product “Wig Jig” mentioned.  The reviewers wished they had coughed up the cash for this more expensive jig.

This video covers all the different models of Wig Jig’s:

I’m convinced that Wig-Jig is the brand to go with… but with so many choices – which one would be the best “most all-around” useful jig for a beginner?

Well…  why not ask the expert? Charlene Anderson has written a guide answering most of my questions here.

I need to know what size pegs I will want to work with? Huh? You mean I need to decide now? Why can’t I have a variety of sizes available when I purchase a jig?

And… the hole spacing is important. Smaller holes, smaller pins, smaller spacing.

Of course – one more thing to think about – Hole Pattern. For instance.. if you want to make a symmetrical triangle (all three sides are exactly the same) – you would need a “round jig”.  I don’t know “WHY” – but Charlene says so and I trust her.

We already know that jewelry jigs come in metal or acrylic-plastic.  The benefit for choosing a clear acrylic jig is two fold – 1 ) Acrylic is stronger than the cheapo aluminum.  2 ) You can see through the plastic, so you can see any patterns below the jig.

Yep – One more choice. We all want to be able to “Add” functionality to any product we purchase.  Choosing a Jig that I can buy extra accessories later seems like a smart idea.

After watching this next video – I decided I wanted the Delphi Wig Jig:

Then… I had a second thought.  I might want to make something that would only work with a “circular” pattern jig. Yikes. You already know I don’t want to buy two jigs – I’m so cheap.

I found the Wig Jig Centaur LITE   – which has the same size “pattern holes” as the Delphi Wig Jig Plus it has a “half circle” section.  It comes with 10 pegs which is plenty to create the first few projects I have in mind. Of course – I can purchase more pegs in the same or different sizes that will fit the Centaur LITE.

The Beadalon WigJig Centaur – I thought (possibly) that this was a larger version…  I can’t find any difference between the two except it  includes 10 additional pegs.  It looks like a more “budget friendly option is to order the LITE and extra pegs).

Extra Pegs For Wig Jig Delphi/Cyclops/Centaur Jewelry Wire Wrap (20)

It’s 20 more pegs – I might have to get two packs.  I think 50 pegs should keep in “design options” for a long while. Can you imagine wrapping on 50 pegs? I can’t – I don’t even know if it’s possible.

It can’t hurt to try.

Small Super Pegs For Wig Jig Delphi/Cyclops/Centaur Jewelry Wire Wrap

Nice option for making a slightly larger loop or a much larger loop. Smaller than Large Super Pegs listed below.

Just what I need for the project I want to start with (the one I showed you above from that old article).

Large Super Pegs For Wig Jig Delphi/Cyclops/Centaur Jewelry Wire Wrap

I’m not going to get these “yet”. I can always order them later and have them delivered super quick from Amazon.

We love Amazon for just about everything!

Spiral Maker Plus For Wig Jig “Delphi/Cyclops/Centaur” Jewelry Wire Wrap (1)

I’ve looked a lot of “how-to” instructions and tools for making flat spirals.

This little guy looks like he is just the ticket to make this easy unmarred spirals.

Free Template For Wig – Jig Centaur:  This is very cool – print off as many sheets as you like and draw the patterns you want to make and notes on each sheet.  It’s a “gift” from the Wig-Jig website.  We love Free stuff!

Okay – I’m ready to place my order. How about you? Have you used a wire jig – ever? What are your thoughts and recommendations? The entire BTMF (Birdie Told Me Flock) want’s to know…

p.s. I’ll be sure to take pictures of my finished projects – even the ones that turn out so-so and post them here on BTM.

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